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Unfortunately, the guy neglected to mention how to actually export the file! So, export the file to a location you can remember and note it down. You will need to export as MP3 an audio file , which your video editing software will recognise. Right click to get the delete option once you have highlighted the audio on the timeline.

Note — it gets very tricky if you insert the audio at any position other than 0. If it does not, the sound will be out of sync. The best way to do this is to create a scene specifically for that part of the video you are making. Usually, you will only be making 1 scene anyway, so this is not an issue for most people.

Use the preview button and a window pops up which shows how the footage would look if you were to render it as is. Here is where you asses what the sound is like, and adjust the volume levels accordingly. When you want the get the best possible audio from your Spy Camera recordings, you need to consider both the input sound quality, and then tweak it to get the best quality after you have finished filming.

Typically, the slightly more expensive models have better quality microphone and video recording. One even caved in when I pressed the on button too hard though I admit I have fat thumbs! Whatever you choose, follow the guidelines above to get the best possible sound. Body worn cams are much harder to get perfect sound by their nature, because of background noise, wind and an uncertain distance of the subject from the microphone.

Username or Email Address. Remember Me. FAQ Answers. Steve , 1 year ago 7 min read. Step 1: Ensure the microphone is in a good position. In this position the microphone is about Folded arms In this position the microphone is about 1. Related posts. Steve , 10 months ago 6 min read. Colin , 1 year ago 6 min read. Steve , 12 months ago 7 min read. Steve , 1 year ago 2 min read. Colin , 1 year ago 9 min read. Colin , 11 months ago 7 min read. Meet Steve And Colin. We are Spy Cam enthusiasts. We test Spy Cams and tell you everything we learn.

If you need to do the sound recording, you can use recording equipments to go through the mouth of the recoding to connect the audio cable for recording. It needs to charge for about five hours. The effect of the monitoring depends on the thickness, materials and other features of the wall. Appropriately adjust the gear-choice button until you can get the best effect of monitoring.

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D is the partition monitoring bougie of the sonde is the refined part which should not be dismantled or touched discretionarily. Action india present world class spy voice recorder for app. This is the ultimate in remote audio surveillance. Unlike conventional radio transmitters, GSM offers superb quality, virtually unlimited transmission distance, high security, dependability and absolute simplicity of use.

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It can be used for remote monitoring, the base station location and tracking, home surveillance, automotive anti-theft tracking, child custody. We will give you opportunity to buy this product at cheapest device. You can buy this directly from our online store by using net banking to make payment by credit cards, debit cards also we will give you COD cash on delivery Payment option and you need to pay when delivery person handed over the product.

We have the best quality products and service which has customer first policy also you get 1 year manufacturing warrantee. Dimensions: 50mm x 40mm x 15mm. Embed condense microphone. Microphone range: about 20 Meters diameter. Responding frequency: 1. Stand-by time theoretical : days using voice control function , days don't use voice control function ; hours flashlight available. Easy to set-up. Built-in rechargeable battery. This is our new Spy product.

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If you want to listen the communication next to your room or any other place secretly, so this is a best gadget that works at long distance. Listen all voice within meters range. It comes into two parts: one is receiver and second is transmitter. It has built in microphone and flexible antenna. It is easy to hide anywhere like bed, table, chair etc, Wherever you find the safe spot to hide this as no one can able to see this device. We will give you the first opportunity to buy this latest product from our store at the cheapest price. We have all types of Spy Audio devices.

Transmitter 58mm x 34mm x 19mm L x W x D. Receiver mm x 54mm x 19mm L x W x D. Primary Function: Wireless Voice Transmitter. Transmission Range: Up to meter open field wireless transmissions. Interface: Mini USB 3. Transmitter Battery: built-in mA rechargeable battery. Transmitter Battery Life: 4 hours of constant use.

Receiver Battery: built-in mA rechargeable battery. Receiver Battery Life: 6 hours of constant use. With the help of this Digital Voice Recorder you will be able to record your conversation anytime when the need arises. Featuring: 14 hours battery last. Approx recording distance, 20 meters. Great for recording lectures, meetings, interviews one button recording. Plug in your headphones when recording can achieve hearing aid and record the entire hearing aid process. As we are the best leading suppliers, dealer, exporter, whole seller, and trader in Delhi India. Also we provide you COD cash on delivery option.

Audio Jack Size: 3. User Manual - English. Telephone Recorder Adapter. Software Mini CD.

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RJ11 Male to Male Cable. The Bionic Ear. When combined with the included inch parabolic Bionic Booster. Hear mere movements in the woods at incredible distances. Detect animal movements for nature observation or photography or direct the microphone toward distant bird cluster for identification.

Record bird calls and other sounds nature with the recorder output jack. Hear a conversation yards that is approximately meter away. Focus on sound in the direction you point the microphone. Tape record what you hear using the Output Jack. Further pinpoint sound and reduce background noise with 20 inches" Bionic Booster parabolic dish. Adjustable volume for each ear. Automatic safety shut off at 95 decibels. Record button Head phones Playback button. If you cannot able to make quick notes when your teacher giving you lecture or when you are in meeting your sir order you to remember the main points but you fail to do this because of poor memory.

Now this is a time to show all what you are by this USB voice recorder. This helps you to recall everything. Now don't take tension and feel relaxed with this device. Looking just like a USB data stick, this voice recorder is the perfect pocket-sized way to record discreetly or covertly. In this device there is only one-key recording feature. It works as an audio recorder as well as USB flash drive.

Support U disk function. Battery life up to 4 hours. Plug and Play function. Rechargeable battery. This is a new and high quality pen. It has built in flash memory, up to 2 GB included. This device is best for recording interviews, student learning, meetings, personal meetings, or investigates someone. It can easily import to the computer. Store up to voice recordings. Ultra thin shape and compact in size. We have all types of Spy recorder devices.

We have the best quality products and services which has customer first policy also you get 1 year manufacturing warranty. Combination of ball-point Pen, U disk, recorder, MP3 and possess lock up function. Memory: 2GB. Battery: High-performance Li-ion rechargeable battery. Size: x 14mm. Weight: 48g.

Voice recording time: about 10hours MB modes. Charging time: about 2. Consecutive renewable time: about 8 hours. Working temperature: C. Microphone: Built-in condenser microphone. Does normal looking battery do anything? You can leave it anywhere as it does not attract anyone and it has in built highly sensitive microphone allowing to dial in from anywhere in the world and listen the surrounding voice without any fear.

Note:- does not work in USA and Canada. You can buy. This machine is only inserted the SIM can be boot. Please pull the switch "on" position. When charge. The new machines need to be recharged before use hours in order to achieve the best results, please use our distribute charger avoid damage to the host. Standby time: hours of standby with the voice-activated, without voice-activated standby hours, depending on the local network signal strength.

It is with Triband Frequency network, So it can be used in most of the countres in the world. In order to Capture what your workers do in the office and If they are using the company telephone for private usage. Come here to get this cool products to do whatever you can. It can be accessed anywhere anytime. When any break-in is detected, no matter d ay and night, it will automatically call or send message to any predefined cell phone.

At the same time,the alarms will turn on and spark the emergency situation. Applications: Real time interlligent security guard and protector for Home. Wanna play prank to someone, without getting them to know that, who you are? This phone having a voice changing functions. This function helps you to change your voice as there is a multi options for changing voice. VGA camera for capturing images and recording video.

Hands free option when changing the voice also voice recording feature during call. We are the best Exporter in Delhi India. We give you the opportunity to buy this device at cheapest rate. We are the leading suppliers, manufacturers, whole seller. We give you 1 year warrantee in each and every product of Spy voice changer.


Dual SIM. Run face book, twitter, MSN etc.

Enjoy games. Supports internet. Its functioning like a normal 3 in 1 electric socket fitted with GSM listening technology. It helps to monitor the area conversation from any place within the world. It is fully disguised in the extension socket no one can imagine that there is a GSM audio bug hidden inside the Socket. We supply the product worldwide as we are the leading company. We are the prominent importers, exporters, dealer and whole seller.

Buy this unique product directly from our store or can visit our online store for payment option. We also give you cash on delivery option. We give you 1 year manufacturing warrantee if any disability is in the product seen, so please contact us within 3 working days after delivery. Reliable in use. Use as a normal extension socket as power is supplied in the sockets. Works on GSM only. Installation is not needed. Once press the power button, indicator will indicating light for 5 sec shows that it starts working. Sound above 65 db. Built in rechargeable battery. Distance does not matter.

Crystal clear sound quality. Charge for 3 hours for best performance. Note:- When plug into charging please pull out SIM. Charging Adapter. User manual guide. But we have unique USB Digital Recorder as it records crystal clear voice in wav format and recording time is maximum 15 hours continuously.

Simply plug into PC transfer the audio file into PC. This also works as a USB device you can store anything you want to save into it. We will give you opportunity to buy this product at cheapest device in Delhi India. We are the leading dealers, suppliers and whole seller in Delhi India. CD quality recording format wav format. Recording time when charge fully: 15 hours Built in 4GB memory. One - touch operation.

Audio frequency range: 20Hz KHz. PC port: USB2. Lithium battery. Compatible with each PC model. If you don't want to voice activated function in some times , you can remote control to disactivate it. It can save power. Voice activated function. If the surrounding voice is up to 60db, the monitor will automatically dial back to your phone to remind you that there is poeple arround the monitor and they are talking , you can choose to listen or call back to monitor.

Our Company introducing Optical Mouse that is used for the jasoosi purpose. This is not only a mouse but also it is a GSM bug. Its eye-catching design attracts everyone and no one can imagine that GSM bug can be in this beautiful mouse. Its curves, combined with a discreet orange line on a black background, make it very attractive. Its fully function as a mouse you just need to plug it into the port.

In this a tri band GSM system makes easier to listen the communication. Simply insert the SIM into the mouse and plug it into the CPU port and make call with your mobile phone and listen the surrounding voice communication. If you have doubt on your child or your spouse is cheating on you, so this is the best device for you.

Buy this newest device and keep yourself save before someone make advantage of your innocence.

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We are the prominent sellers, exporters, traders, importer and whole sellers in Delhi India. We give you first opportunity to buy this product at cheapest price. Buy this product from our online store or directly from our shop. Colour: Black. USB 2. Port: male full USB. Dimensions: 90 x 48 x 34 mm. It is a Passive infrared sensor, is an electronic sensor that measures infrared light radiating from objects of its field of view.

All objects with a temperature above absolute zero emit heat energy in the form of radiations; these radiations are not visible with naked eyes as they are in the form of infrared wavelength. It is a motion based detector used to sense movement of people, animal and other objects. Our product is compact in size, clear voice, long standby time, easy to operate, good performance and easy to install. It also can be operated with the help of Remote Control.

After turning on the device, just wait for millisecond until it can fetch the data and you can clearly listen the communication about 10 meter range. If you wish to buy online then you can visit our online store where you can also use net banking to make payment by credit cards, debit cards also we will give you COD cash on delivery Payment option and you need to pay when delivery person handed over the product.

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Standby current: below 0. Working current: below 50 mA. Dimensions: 48 x 32 x 14 mm.