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There are a lot of features OwnSpy can do but some of them will need you to root your Android device in order for them to work. In order to deliver this information to you we need to do it with all our customer concerns in mind. You store your personal life on your device, photos, messages, phone calls This is why we are the only monitoring app that encrypt your data on your phone before upload it to our servers.

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This way even if a hacker got access to our servers your data is safe and secure. Only your password will unencrypt your data. So please keep your password safe and do not share it to anyone anytime.

Not even us. You can test OwnSpy for free for one week, no credit card required. Just Install OwnSpy on your device and start using it.

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  • After one week you will need to purchase a usage license. If you have a discount code click here Taxes are included. We're sorry but this offer is only for new clients.

    Check your inbox, your discount code should be there. Blog Features Pricing Demo English.

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    OwnSpy Features Texts Sending and receive texts is the fastest way of communication between mobile phones. Address Book Every mobile phone will keep record of your friends and family in the adress book. Call History Every time you place or receive a call your phone will keep track of it. Remote Uninstall In order to install OwnSpy you will need physical access to your device for about five minutes. Web History Everytime you visit a site it will be registered on the web history.

    WhatsApp Monitoring WhatsApp is one of those apps that almost everybody use. Live Audio via web With OwnSpy you will be able to activate your device microphone from your OwnSpy control panel and listen the device surroundings live. Pictures Your photos are very important to you, and your kids. App Usage Everyday there are more and more apps. Data Export OwnSpy will keep track of everything that happens on your device and it will allow you to export all this data into a file for you tou see them on your computer.

    Installed Apps With more than 1.

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    Call Recording With OwnSpy you will be able yo record every phone call made or received on your device. Snapchat You may not know what Snapchat is but your kids will use it for sure Mail backup OwnSpy will keep a backup of all your sent and received mails. Keyboard monitor Everytime you write something on your smartphone it will be registered by OwnSpy and stored on your account.

    Automatic 3-way calling You can select a monitor phone to be added to every call you made on your smarphone.

    Follow the steps below:

    Live Audio via GSM With OwnSpy you will be able to activate your device microphone from another phone just by calling it and listen the device surroundings live. Screen Recording Select the Apps you want to monitor from the Installed Apps and everytime the app is being used it will record the screen and it will be uploaded to your OwnSpy control panel. L es logiciels espions permettent aux parents de surveiller ce que font leurs enfants, quels types de sites Web ils visitent et avec qui ils parlent en ligne.

    Ces appareils peuvent en savoir plus sur nous que toute autre personne proche.

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    Ils connaissent notre emplacement, ce que nous faisons et avec qui nous sommes. Avis sur best logiciel espion. The Truth Spy. ABC Espion. Parents and business owners can rely on this tool to watch kids and employees digital activities. It is very easy to use this tool, unlike other monitoring tools. Whatsapp Screen Recording View Whatsapp activities till the time user login on the app and to the time log out through screen recording.

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    Anyone with basic computer knowledge can use this tool. Provided your phone has a magnetometer, all you need to do is bring the phone close to any object you suspect might be housing a hidden camera, and the app will let you know if there is any magnetic activity to confirm your doubts. Means it work in the background of the monitored device without any sound or noise.