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All Comments Your Activity. We have sent you a verification email. To verify, just follow the link in the message. This new trick can get your live score update on Android smartphone screen How to keep your password secure using this new Google service How to verify if the mail you've received is from Instagram How to cancel Apple Arcade subscription Amazon Great Indian Festival: 4 combo deals you can get on Amazon devices. But from a user perspective, it focuses on Google's collection of passive data, such as location data, as opposed to data a person knowingly shares with Google by using Search or Maps.

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To compare Google's passive data collection, Schmidt set up an Android phone with Chrome active in the background, and an iPhone with Safari but not Chrome. Both the phones were left stationary and untouched for 24 hours. Over that period Schmidt found that the Android device sent data samples to Google's servers, of which about 35 percent were location related, while the remainder was for Google Play, and device data. In total, the Android device sent about 4.

Google's servers sent just over 40 requests per hour to the Android device compared with 0. The comparison also found that iPhones send data 10 times less frequently to Apple's servers than the Android device sent data to Google's servers. Apple is also collecting location data just once per day on average. In contrast, a similar experiment showed that on an iOS Apple device with Safari where neither Android nor Chrome were used , Google could not collect any appreciable data location or otherwise in the absence of a user interaction with the device.

Google sued for tracking you, even when 'location history' is off.

Google Trusted Contacts is the Android alternative to Find My Friends

A lawsuit accuses Google of tracking a man against his wishes and disguising what 'location history off' means. Google: To be clear, this is how we track you even with Location History turned off.

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Google has now clarified what turning off the Location History setting really means. Google cracks down on apps that snoop on you, even if they're not in Play Store.

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Unless apps come clean about the personal data they collect, Google will slap them with Safe Browsing warnings. Some Google Mini smart speakers were turning themselves on and spying on users multiple times per day.

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Google has patched the issue, but it raises concerns about privacy. A new report indicates that even when you disable Location History, your phone might still be storing location data.

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Another slick feature: Just touch on a contact and with one tap get directions right to their location with Google Maps. The app also offers an Android Wear version, which is perfect for sending a message or your location to another member of your network. Familo has a pretty good development pace, but if you want to live on the edge and test out new features, then grab the beta version. Otherwise check it out and see if it suits your fancy.

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This app is also cross-platform, and I found it was very reliable and accurate every time I tried it out. GeoZilla differentiates itself with a strong connection to other social networks. When you check-in somewhere with Swarm or Facebook, this can be broadcast to all of your contacts and networks.